9th Bar-Ilan Symposium on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence


                 Bar-Ilan Symposium on the

              Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

                        19-21 June 1989

 Sponsored by the Research Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
              Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

 Symposium Chair:   Martin Golumbic
 Organizing Chair:  Ariel Frank

 Program Committee:
                    Yaacov Choueka (Bar-Ilan University)
                    Rina Dechter (Technion)
                    Ariel Frank (Bar-Ilan University)
                    Martin Golumbic (IBM Israel Scientific Center)
                    David Harel (Weizmann Institute)
                    Daniel Lehmann (Hebrew University)
                    Judea Pearl (UCLA)
                    Uri Schild (Bar-Ilan University)
                    Micha Sharir (New York University)
                    Jonathan Stavi (Bar-Ilan University)

Bar-Ilan University, through its Center for Applied Logic and Artificial
Intelligence (CALAI) of the Research Institute for the Mathematical
Sciences, is pleased to announce its first "Symposium on the Foundations
of Artificial Intelligence" to be held June 19-21, 1989.  The Symposium
will be international in scope, with invited lectures by several leading
researchers from Israel and abroad.  Although a small meeting is
anticipated, with selected speakers and no parallel sessions, an attempt
will be made to open attendance to all interested research scientists.

The Bar-Ilan Symposium on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence is
intended to become a bi-annual event which will focus on a range of
topics of concern to scholars applying quantitative, combinatorial,
logical, algebraic and algorithmic methods to AI areas as diverse as
decision support, automatic reasoning, knowledge-based systems, machine
learning, computer vision, and robotics.  These include applied
logicians, algorithms and complexity researchers, AI theorists, and
applications specialists using mathematical methods.  By sponsoring such
symposia, we hope to influence the spawning of new areas of applied
mathematics and the strengthening of the scientific underpinnings of
artificial intelligence.

...................  INVITED LECTURES  ......................

Ron Rivest (MIT) will lecture on
           "Recent Developments in Machine Learning Theory".
Joe Halpern (IBM Research) will lecture on
           "Reasoning about Knowledge and Probability".
Additional invited speakers will be announced at a later date.

...................  CALL FOR PAPERS  .......................

High quality research papers are solicited for consideration by the
program committee to be presented at the Symposium.  Submissions of
extended abstracts of 4-10 pages or full papers must arrive by
15 March 1989 and should be sent in triplicate to:

                 Prof. Martin Golumbic
                 IBM Israel Scientific Center
                 Technion City
                 Haifa, Israel

Decisions on presentations will be made on or before 15 April 1989.

.................  REFEREED PROCEEDINGS  ....................

At the conclusion of the Symposium, all participants are invited to
submit full length papers which will be refereed according the usual
standard of the best professional journals, and those accepted will be
published in a separate, special issue of the Annals of Mathematics and
Artificial Intelligence as a permanent record of the Symposium.

For further information on the Symposium and to receive additional
announcements, contact

                 Dr. Ariel Frank, BISFAI-89
                 Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
                 Bar-Ilan University
                 Ramat Gan, ISRAEL
                 (email: ariel@bimacs.bitnet)